Thursday, 19 February 2009

Rear Cross-member - 1001 Uses for a Margarine Tub

In order to fit the NAS step, I had just purchased, I had to temporarily remove my swing-away wheel carrier.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to do a job that had been on the cards since buying my landy.
One of the main problems of Land Rover ownership is that of bi-metalic corrosion.  When in contact, aluminium oxidises in preference to steel turing the panels into white dust.  Hopefully, fitting some sort of gasket between the two should stop the process.

In true Blue Peter style, I used the top from a margarine tub, cut it to shape (leaving an extra tab on the right hand side) .  I gave the area a few light taps with a rubber mallet to loosen any existing corrosion, and  pulled the gasket  into position  using the extra tab of plastic.

Once everything was lined up, I carefully trimmed the excess plastic with a stanley knife.
I did this job on the other side of the car some time ago - I just wish I had done this side at the same time.  If I ever buy another landy, this will be the first thing I do.

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