Friday, 8 April 2011

R380 Gearbox - Oil Change

It's a dry day and the sun is shining so its about time I changed the gearbox oil.

Gave my daughter a lift to her nearby school - this warmed the box just enough to make the oil drain a little faster.

The job took just over an hour which was mostly getting out the tools - waiting for the oil drain - and cleaning up again.

In addition to my new low profile 32mm socket (which worked fine and finally allowed me to get a torque wrench on the drain plug).  The following items proved useful:
A 1litre oil syringe/pump, an oil pan with spout, a jerry can for the waste oil, a torque wrench, a standard 3/8 ratchet, a new washer  and some nitrile gloves.

I also used PTFE tape on the thread to see if I can eliminate one of the many drips.  A mechanic I know suggested it.  He also said to be careful of over-tightening the drain plug as the tape might make make the threads more slippy and so the 50NM might be too tight.  To be on the safe side I set my wrench to 47NM - I can always nip it up a bit if needed.

I have put together some instructions on my servicing page. 

Took the Landy on a trip to Preston and the gear change definitely seems to have improved.  Looks like the Ashcroft oil may have been the right choice.

I also greased the splines on the front prop whilst I was under there.

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