Sunday, 27 February 2011

Bulkhead Removal Bar - What a Bargain!

At 6'3" I do have problems with lack of leg room in my Defender.

The solution is to remove the bulkhead behind the front seats.  This allows the seats to be moved further back, and reclined a little, to give a more comfortable seating position and greater space in the front footwells.

Since this bulhead gives strength to the landrover bodywork a strengthening bar must be used to restore rigidity.

There are essentially two designs of bulkhead removal bar.  The first (used by Land Rover in their current Defender 90 station wagons) is of a bent tubular construction.  The other as designed (I think) by Mudstuff is a U shaped strengthening frame that replace the top half of the bulkhead only.

The Mudstuff bar is easier to fit, looks very neat, and is not silly money (at about £120).
The Land Rover bent tube can be much more expensive, but look more "factory".

My intention is to, eventually, fit a NAS type roll cage.  This requires the complete removal of the bulkhead so my strengthening bar of choice is the Lanrover one.  Pity I can't afford one.


I managed to get this at a bargain price of £80 including postage from a vendor on eBay.  The part numbers given by the vendor are:
Cross Tube Inner - XH12-613A56-AB or STC4589
Bulkhead Support Bracket Left XH12-5F030-BA (LHS) or STC4592
Bulkhead Support Bracket Right XH12-5D029-BA (RHS) or STC4591

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