Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Noisekiller Under-bonnet Soundproofing

After buying the soundproofing, I read several posts complaining that this stuff does not stick.

The guy at the show told me to make sure everything is clean and use a roller to press the matting in place.  Putting two and two together I recon most people don't get the surfaces as clean as they need to be (and probably neither would I, had I not read those posts).

Anyway, I was keen not to have wasted my money so I set to cleaning the under bonnet area.

I first removed the factory soundproofing which was only just starting to deteriorate.

Then I then used about two rolls of kitchen paper and a bottle of white spirit to remove all trace of grease from the bonnet.  Mmmm - shiney!

I used a wooden wallpaper seam-roller to press the matting onto the bonnet - this worked well.

The kit came in four pieces which were releatively easy to fit.  All except the small centre piece nearest the windscreen.  This was difficult to reach and if I had to do it again I would take the bonnet off.

To this day (08/03/2011) none of the pieces have come loose!  The posts I saw complaining about this product were all fairly old so maybe the glue is better now - either way it seems to stick fine.

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