Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bulkhead Removal Bar - Fitting Part3

After removing the old bulkhead, I filed all the edges smooth - primed and painted them with satin black Hammerite.  This should make the edges of the metal less visible.

It was then just a matter of drilling some holes in the cappings and wheel boxes and fitting the bar.

Sound simple when you say it quickly.  To be honest, drilling the holes upwards through the cappings and fitting those bolts was very fiddly and much swearing was done.  This would have been much easier with the roof off.

The finished result...

The seating position is much improved and I am very happy with that.

However, it was much more awkward and time consuming to fit than I expected.  If I were to do do it again, on a rolling restoration like mine, I would fit a Mud style bar.  The only time I would fit a tubular bar in the future is if the roof was off or if I was restoring a tub off the vehicle.

Do you yourselves a favour - if you need more legroom fit a Mud style bar!

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