Friday, 19 August 2011

Chassis Swap - Brake - Discs Arrived

I ordered a set of Terrafirma Cross Drilled and Grooved Discs a few days ago from Brookwells.

The part numbers, according to Brookwells, are:
Front - LR017951CDG (old product codes: FRC7329CDG) - 
Rear - FTC1381CDG

I chose Terrafirma as they seem to be a good make and I have read decent reports of their products on the forums - I also like the yellow passivated finish and hope this will slow any corrosion.  These disks are cross drilled and grooved so may be less suitable for off road use as stones can get caught between the disc and pad.  Since Sally is used almost exclusively on the road, this is not a problem.

The discs arrived this morning - well packaged and all in order.

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