Saturday, 20 August 2011

Chassis Swap - ROW Exhaust

The chassis I have ordered will have brackets for a rear mounted fuel tank as well as a for one under the drivers seat.  I have specced it this way so that in the future a TD5 or TDCi rear tub can be used without the need to modify the fuel filler.  For a while land rover made Defenders in this so called Rest of World (ROW) spec. These had 300TDi engines with TD5 rear fuel tanks. It is the exhaust for this type of Defender that I require.


1 - ESR4526
2 - ESR4527/WCG102890
3 - ESR2087
4 - ESR2131
5 - ESR3294
6 - ESR3172

After examining a hanger (ESR2131) taken from a 300Tdi discovery,

and pictures of NTC5634 from pictures on the internet, they seem to be the same part.

This is really good news as NTC5634 is much cheaper and more readily available than ESR2131.

NOTE: Just found out today (11/09/2011) that despite this being the part being listed in Microcat (ESR2131/NTC5634) it is not the correct item.  I have found a link to the correct item being sold by a third party but as yet have not found a LR part number.  Will post it when I find it.

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