Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Chassis Swap - Specced and Ordered

After considerable thought I have decided that a replacement chassis is the best way forward, and the spec I have chosen is as follows:

  • Defender 90" 300Tdi galvanised chassis, with
  • anti roll bar mounts
  • mounting holes for NAS roll cage
  • rear mounts for additional fuel tank
  • Td5 Rear cross-member
  • A pair of Galvanized Heavy Duty Standard Height Front Shocker Mounts
  • A Bolt in Gearbox Cross Member for 300 TDi

I chose the additional rear tank brackets to give me the option (at some time in the future) of replacing the rear tub with a Td5 item.  No body mods would then be required for the rear fuel filler.

The mounting holes for the NAS cage will allow the future conversion to NAS style soft-top without making holes in the galv.

And finally I chose the Td5 style crossmember as I think they look neater.  Since I do not off-road Sally I do not need the extra strength the Tdi crossmember affords.

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