Monday, 6 June 2011

Wheels & Tyres - New Alloys + BFGs

This morning I got a call from the mobile tyre fitters to tell me they were on their way.
I chose a mobile fitter because I didn't want to get pulled driving on the bald Discovery tyres that came with the alloys.

So after an hour or so, Sally looked like this:

Fresh with a new set of 235/85 BFG A/T

I was very happy with the service - the wheels were balanced with stick on weights and torqued up properly with a wrench (in a star pattern).

They came in at a very reasonable £569.36 fitted and balanced with new valves (and with the old tyres disposed of).

I'm so happy with the quality of the service, I am giving them a shameless plug :)

I must be goin' soft in me old age.

Now Sally looks the bees knees in her new boots and even young Master Tod got in on the act by fitting the new centre caps for me....

I am a very happy piggy.
Called  the insurance company to inform them of the change and they said they already thought she had alloys so there will be no change in premium. Result!

Looking at this photo, the next job is obvious - paint me rock-sliders and buff out the white bloom on the door - a landyman's work is never done.

As an added note some of the weights (hidden on the inside of the wheels) are clip on - since I didn't specify stick on only, this is not a criticism merely an observation.  Still very happy with the tyres and the service.
Further note - I had Event Tyres back to put a tyre on my spare wheel - this time I asked for stick on weights and that's what I got!


  1. looking good! classy, although I quite liked the "bigfoot" look too :)

  2. Thanks very much:)

    I too liked the rugged look of the steel wheels with the big offset (I got the idea from the tomb raider movie prop - it had black 8 spokes) - just got sick of mine always looking rusty.

    Recon the Alloys should require less frequent paint touch ups.

    I am also a big fan of the NAS look so... 2birds/one stone.