Thursday, 16 June 2011

Hinges - Rear Door - Step1

The hinges on the rear door are starting to rust, so I bought a new set from a trader on ebay a couple of days ago.  I won the auction and got the set set for £24.99 including postage.  A bargain!

I have to admit the listing did not make it clear whether or not these hinges were genuine LR parts.  However, at that price I thought they were probably cheap pattern parts.

Now, I don't normally buy cheap parts as I have come to the conclusion that you just end up throwing them away and then buying good quality.  In the long run it is cheaper to buy quality in the first place.

That said, if these do turn out to be rubbish, they just have to hold the door on long enough for me to paint and refit my old hinges.  In this case, I will refit the old and throw the new - if they are OK I will have two sets to rotate.

As they arrived

After a coat of etch primer.

Next going to add a coat of high build primer.

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