Saturday, 23 July 2011

Alloy Wheels - Painting the Spare - Part3

So, got a can of silver sparkle and a can of clear lacquer from Autopaint, St Helens on Thursday.  Masked the wheel as before and gave it a coat of silver on Friday night.

Obviously when you remove the masking tape there is a small but clearly visible step from the new paint to the old.  I'm not sure what the correct method of removing this is, but I wiped along it with white spirit and this has blended it in nicely.  I also used this method to blend in the primer after removing the first lot of masking tape.

This morning I applied a coat of the clear lacquer.  This time I did not mask the wheel but did wipe off the overspray with white spirit.    The result is shown below.

I picked these tips up of the internet but as I said there may well be better (or more professional) methods but this way worked OK for me.

I am very happy with the finish and although it is far from perfect it looks a hundred times better than it did before.

It is not perfect though - I didn't use a tack rag before painting and a few traces of fluff found their way onto the surface.
Also I ended up using regular, rather than high build primer, as a result some slight pitting is still visible.
Also whilst the Autopaint spray is a decent colour match, the metallic particles seem larger  than in the original finish.  The refinished area thus looks more sparkly and stands out a little from its surroundings.

With this experience gained I sure will do a better job next time.  I now just have to wait a couple of days for the lacquer to harden before buying a new tyre.

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