Thursday, 28 July 2011

Alloy Wheels - Swing Away Carrier - Fitting the Spare - Part2

After seeking advice on the forums, I now know that some big washers are required to stop the wheelnut attached to the carrier from going inside the alloys.

So yesterday I ordered some M16 x 50mm Square spreader plate type washers from Wickes.  However, I am going on holiday tonight so, although the washers were a couple quid, I paid more than a tenner for next morning delivery.

This Morning I waited...and waited...after calling them at 2pm, I found the washers had gone to London by mistake.  This might not be the norm, but I doubt I will trust Wickes again in a hurry.

After some frantic internet searching, I found a local supplier that had them in stock, so, after much cursing I had the required washers.

I removed and refitted the wheel nuts with the flat sides facing away from the door and then put on the washers after giving them a coat of copper grease.

I then fitted the repainted alloy wheel with its new BFG tyre.

I feel much better about driving down to Devon tonight with the proper spare wheel on the back.

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