Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Alloy Wheels - Painting the Spare

The alloy wheels I bought some weeks ago came with a spare in very good condition.
Very good condition except for a small area of corrosion on the rim (I suspect due to an old wheel weight).  Since the corrosion extended to under where the rim of the tyre would sit, I didn't want a new tyre putting on until after the corrosion had been treated.

This morning I ordered a Silver Sparkle touch up pack STC8927VT (Note - I thought this is an aerosol - but it is actually a tube with brush) from www.brit-car.co.uk, and proceeded to remove the corrosion with a (cheap copy of a) Dremmel and smooth the surface with 400grade wet and dry.

I then masked and etch primed the surface and then gave the area a coat of primer.

When the silver paint arrives I will finish the job

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