Thursday, 15 September 2011

Chassis Swap - ROW Exhaust - Part3

Finally fitted the exhaust.  The parts I ended up needing were:

1 - ESR4526
2 - ESR4527
3 - ESR2087
5 - ESR3294
6 - ESR3172

The exhaust hangers 3 and 5 were already on the chassis and part
4 - ESR2131 turned out to be completely wrong - dont know how LR have managed it but that bracket is about six inches too small to be of any use.

Instead I used the bracket bought from YRM metal solutions.  Unfortunately, I still don't know the LR part number.

This centre exhaust bracket is fitted to the chassis crossmember using two M8 Rivnuts fastened into the two drain holes highlighted below.

Or at least that is how the bracket is supposed to be fitted.  I don't have a Rivnut tool so I drilled an extra hole in the crossmember and put in a plate with two captive nuts.  I am not sure if I like the thought of blocking the drain holes even in a galvanised chassis so I will ask Paul Marsden what he thinks when Sally goes into his garage next week.

It might be my imagination but I think the new exhaust is fractionally quieter than the last one.    

My only concern is that it seems quite close to the A Frame.

When I see Paul next week I will ask about this as well.

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