Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Chassis Swap - Shock Absorbers

I got another delivery this afternoon.  I spent a lot of time considering which dampers to go for.  Had I an unlimited budget I probably would have bought Old Man Emu but these are very pricey so I went for Terrafirma instead.  These get consistently good write ups and at about 45 quid each they are not silly money.

In Terrafirma's own words, "fitting the Big Bore expedition shocks to a light or un-laden Land Rover gives a firm, sporty handling characteristic often sought after by the more performance orientated driver" so that's the type I went for.  The blurb on the box describes them as massive, and lets be honest - it's not wrong.

I also bought a steering damper and shock turrets from the same makers.
My only really budget parts are the Britpart bump stops.  My Landy almost never goes off tarmac so these really should never see action.  And I can always replace them with a set of nice polyurethane ones at a later date.

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