Monday, 10 October 2011

Chassis Swap - ROW Exhaust - Part5

Just got a call from the Fedex guy saying the Bosal tailpipe will come at lunchtime.

The new tailpipe arrived and I fitted it.  It is better quality than the one it replaced but still fouled the rear tank bracket.

Now I'm not sure why the exhaust bracket should fowl the chassis - the exhaust is designed for a rear tank.  Maybe the front pipe is slightly longer than it should be causing the back section to be an inch or so further back than it should be, or maybe the tank bracket is different on the 300 Tdi than the Td5, or maybe the chassis is out.

Whatever the problem there are only a couple of things I can do.  Either get a custom made exhaust pipe or cut a bit off the chassis.

Well since I cannot afford another new exhaust, and since I will not be needing a rear tanks for a long while, I cut a section of the tank bracket away.  Not ideal but it can always be welded back in place at some point in the future.

Conclusion:  After all the research and hunting for parts the ROW spec exhaust is still not right,,,so my advice is, if you want to fit a rear tank into a 300Tdi 90, get a good quality custom pipe made to fit!

And finally, I took her for a drive -  only to find that the noise of the exhaust rubbing on the chassis had been masking grinding noises from the front and from the rear drivers side.  I think the noise from the back is a wheel bearing going - oh joy!

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