Sunday, 16 October 2011

Chassis Swap - Wheel Bearing

After discovering the grinding noise (rear, drivers side) I asked some questions on the forums and came to the conclusion it likely to be the wheel bearing. So a pair of new wheel bearing kits were ordered from Brookwells. These include Timken wheel bearings (STC4382) and a choice of oil seals, gaskets and locking washers. I also ordered a new set of Terrafirma shocks (not big bore this time) and a 52mm deep socket for the hub nuts.

I unbolted the drive flange and pulled out the half-shaft (flange and half-shaft are a single item on my 90). I removed the outer hub nut, locking washer and inner locking nut then removed the hub.

I laid the parts out in the order I removed them for reference. I (carefully) used a screwdriver to drift out the old tracks.  I used a grinder with metal cutting disk to cut a slot out of one of the tracks so it could be used as a drift to fit the new tracks.

I then greased the new bearings, cleaned up the stub axle and put it back together again.

Notice the cats cradle of paracord holding the brake calliper out of the way. After putting the hub back together I swapped out the rear shocks and took her for a drive - the grinding noises have now gone.

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