Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Chassis Swap - She's Back

Collected Sally today!  After a couple of hours on the train, Paul picked me up at the station and we drove over to his unit to settle up and collect any of the remaining bits that I wanted to take home with me.  So after the deal was I done I started the drive home from south Yorkshire back to civilisation (Lancashire that is).  On the motorway she happily cruised st 70 - the new bushes and shocks made her more stable and she now feels much happier when driving at speed.  The new clutch is an improvement and the brakes don't squeak any more.

Near home there is a twisty section of road so I decided to give her some beans to see how she performed.
...And then there was an almighty noise.  I pulled over find the problem.  The exhaust had gone twang and repositioned itself rubbing against the new rear tank brackets.

I jammed some cardboard between the chassis and the exhaust and limped back home at at about 20mph.

Now Richards are famed for their accurate chassis, but now matter how I tried to reposition the exhaust I could not get a satisfactory fit.

My conclusion is that the cheap tailpipe is likely be the problem so I ordered a Bosal replacement part and crossed my fingers.

Also saw the old chassis being chopped up!

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