Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bulkhead Removal Bar - Nuts and Bolts

Originally I wanted all the proper Land Rover nuts and bolts to do the job.

After posting on, a poster was kind enough to reply with most of the following picture.  I am filling in the part numbers as I get them:

item 9 =  bolt torx head M10 x 30mm
item 10 = WA110065 Flat Washer M10
item ?? = SH110251L Hex Head Bolt M10 X 25mm Fully Threaded
item 13 = WA110061L Washer M10
item 15 = WA600071L Washer

As it turns out Part18 is in exactly the same place as the bolt used for holding the seat belt in place.  So, I used that instead.  I also ended up using a bunch of M10 x 30mm nuts and bolts which did the job just fine.

Will update these part numbers for reference(when I get chance)....

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