Friday, 18 March 2011

R380 Gearbox - Notchy Gearchange Again

So the Difflock products are getting a bit too rich for my pocket...

Had a look on Ashcroft Transmissions for info - it seems they have started doing their own range of oils, so I thought I'd give their Revolution 1 a go.  They describe it as  it is a Fully Synthetic Quality Gear Oil, suitable for the LT77, R380, ZF Auto and Borg Warner boxes.

It still wasn't cheap, but at £46.20 including VAT and P&P, it is nearly twenty quid cheaper than the equivalent Difflock product!

Will do the oil change next week when I have some spare time and see if it improves things.


  1. Curious about the results. Any improvements?

  2. Hi Demito
    It's really difficult to say. There did seem to be a slight improvement on changing from the old worn oil, but not as much as I found with the difflock product.
    However, I cannot say if the lack major improvement is due to the oil not being quite as good or if there is some other issue. I have found a guide to proper set up of the clutch pedal, so I am going to give that a go next week. Check back then to see how it goes. Also I am having a new clutch fitted in a couple of weeks so that may make a difference.