Saturday, 12 March 2011

Duralac - Corrosion Inhibiting Sealant

Just been on the LandyZone forum and spotted a post by LeadFarmer (credit where it's due..) describing a corrosion inhibiting sealant.

From their website (

Duralac DTD369B is a chromate containing jointing compound designed to inhibit electrolytic decomposition between dissimilar metals – often called galvanic corrosion.  It is a single pack, air setting product.

Duralac is indispensable for the sealing of joints between dissimilar metals including magnesium and its alloys.

For example Duralac may be used:
- Between aluminium alloy plates/extrusions and bolts or rivets used in building applications
- In general engineering applications where dissimilar contact cannot be avoided
- In vehicle building where aluminium alloy contacts steel
- For marine application where corrosion is accelerated by brine concentration
- In close proximity to the sea where salt will meet with structures and set up electrolytic cells
- In Aerospace where rivets/bolts are secured into aluminium plates.

Sounds like good stuff - will give it a go next time I need to bond a panel, re-skin a door, etc....

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